Public collections

  • Art museum Zhu Qizhan in Shanghai, China
  • Museum of Modern Art of Duolun in Shanghai, China
  • The AMOS Association, The Cultural Center of Saint Saturnin, France
  • Cultural Office for the International Exchange of the city of Shanghai, China
  • Artco France, Paris, France
  • Purple Roof Gallery, Shanghai, China
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Anting in Shanghai, China
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Dunkerque, France
  • Shanghai Xintiandi Langham Hotel, Shanghai, China
  • HongKong Shui On Group, HongKong
  • Image of China Gallery, Singapore
  • M.Y. Foundation (Seoul), South Korea
  • Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd., Singapore
  • State commission for the 2017 BRICS summit in Xiamen, China
  • Hkri Taikoo Hui Group, Hong-Kong
  • The Sukhothai Hotel, Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai ART Museum, Shanghai, China

Private collections

  • Japan, United States of America, China (Hong-Kong and Taïwan), Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, etc…