Feng Xiao-Min

In his early years, Feng Xiao-Min received a figurative art education in China, giving him a sturdy foundation in modeling skills. (…) You can see the cultural underpinnings of both East and West in his paintings. He absorbed the visual integrity of modern abstract painting, with its full, pure colors, filled with the thick fragrance of the universe…”

Fan Di’an, President of the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts

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Feng Xiao-Min stands at a double crossroads. The first is the intersection of dream and reality experienced with the landscape, which he interprets in paintings suffused with the breath of the cosmos. “Art comes from nature, it has no other wombs”, he says. The world and the image he offers us lead us to an immersion of the senses.

Lydia Harambourg, Corresponding Member of the Institute, French Academy of Fine Arts

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Feng Xiao-Min’s paintings feature abstruse metaphors and a rich flavor of life. Symbols and shapes in the pictures are in a continuous dynamic state, creating a sense of tension and movement that can only be found in a dreamy domain beyond representalism and abstraction.

Gérard Xuriguera, French contemporary art critic

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Feng Xiao-Min now belongs to that small community of artists whom the French poet Paul Eluard magnificently named as « The Clairvoyant Brethren ». His artworks, in ultimate terms, do enlarge the visible universe by breaking the limits of time and space.

Henry Périer, French art critic

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